Sunday, 23 September 2012


Nazha Charity Foundation was established on January, 2007 by Dr.Nazha Habibi, a medical practioneer from Morocco, with over 20 years of medical service, across various nations. In her dedicated profession she came across some of the most chronically poor people in Africa, who could neither afford the consultation fees for a Doctor nor medicine, for their sick and often dying families and communities. Some cases were extreme other's were bordering on life and death. These scenes invoked a humanitarian mission, to which Dr.Nazha, single handedly embarked on, using a portion of her monthly salary and little donations from well meaning citizens, to buy the basic medical treatments, fuel her personal vehicle to travel to some of the most isolated of communities where help was desperately needed for the most vulnerable of communities, sacrificing her only single day off from work to travel to these various destinations.

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